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SBS Podcast producer of The Few Who Do, former Hobartian, current Sydneyite

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  1. Feb 23

    Got your Monday arvo commute sorted. ep 3 has dropped. Stories of dispossession and reclamation.

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    Feb 19

    Indigenous declarations of sovereignty demonstrate the way signatures can be mobilised to transform written documents into legal actions, says from in . Trish is featured in 'Reading the signs'.

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    Feb 18

    Indigenous pain and protest written in the history of signatures - collaborating academic featured in . If you like this article, don't forget to listen to our latest podcast episode 'Reading the signs'.

  4. Feb 18
  5. Retweeted
    Feb 18

    You don’t “hit on” children it’s called grooming for a reason. It’s illegal. It’s disgusting. It’s an abuse of power.

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    Feb 17

    Vale Australian radio documentary maker Andrew McLennan who passed over the weekend. He co-founded the RN Arts unit and pioneered docos in stereo. This obit written by collaborator and engineer, Russell Stapleton.

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    Feb 13

    During the recent Australian bushfire crisis I kept hearing three numbers; 12.6 million hectares burnt, 431 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted, one billion animals killed. But where do these numbers come from? It's a new SOAP for ya weekend!

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  8. Feb 7

    The brilliant wrote this book and you should definitely buy multiple copies for your coffee table and bookshelf and bathroom stack! ❤️

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    Feb 6

    Tell me this didn’t actually happen. Tell me there are people in newsrooms who don’t actually do this. Tell me family names aren’t treated with such racism and disrespect. Reassure me please.

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    Feb 5

    So weird to me that does projects as great as their Sound Up bootcamps to cultivate and amplify underrepresented POC podcasters, but just keeps on buying up white dude companies

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    Feb 3

    THE FIRST EP OF THE CATASTROPHIC PODCAST PROJECT IS OUT! Featuring Catastrophic is a dual podcast and political protest as a call for ACTION around . Subscribe where you get your pods

  12. Feb 4

    Aura read, palm traced... but yet to have my fortune told. tells the weird and wonderful history of fortune telling in Federation Australia

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    Jan 29

    Listen to & peel back the layers on Australia’s fortune telling past. At the time of federation fortune telling was used by women to rise above their class. Ep 2 in ’s series ‘The Law’s Way of Knowing’ drops Feb 4.

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    Jan 22

    Just heard about Terry J It feels strange that a man of so many talents and such endless enthusiasm, should have faded so gently away... Of his many achievements, for me the greatest gift he gave us all was his direction of 'Life of Brian'. Perfection Two down, four to go

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    Jan 19

    This January 25, the day before Australia Day, let's mark the anniversary of the last sunset before this country changed forever. Let's honour those who have witnessed more than 21 million sunsets.

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    Jan 5

    In accepting an award for playing Roger Ailes, , at home on his NSW property, uses the global spotlight to address climate denial of the sort currently being spruiked by the very company that enabled, aided and abetted Ailes. Brilliant.

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    Jan 1
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    Jan 1

    University of Sydney ecologists estimate that 480 million animals have died so far in Australian bushfires since September. More than 5 million hectares have burned. Entire plant & animal species lost You can't help but wonder what's going to be left for future generations?

  19. 17 Dec 2019

    End of year lists please my soul especially when they feature podcast. In good company with and and others ❤️

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    12 Dec 2019

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the trashfire that was 2019... mixed with explosions, emotions and a vengeful apocalyptic soundscape.


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